It’s time to get your stories straight.

If you’re here, you have probably figured out your marketing isn’t working anymore. You’re not alone, with the ever-changing landscape, it’s a constant struggle to current on what’s working and what’s not.

Want to know what’s been working since the dawn of communication? Stories. So you are in the right place!

Brand Story School is a do-it-with-me plan of action that includes a new brand story master class released every month. Brand Story School is a simple, straightforward marketing plan based on the power of your story designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Powered by Story is a comprehensive story-crafting program that leads you through crafting your 4 foundation stories and 13 story scenes. Once you create your library of stories, you’ll learn how to map them to the 5-step customer buying journey so you know exactly when to tell your stories.

Social Stories is a working program to help you master telling your stories on social media. You’ll have access to scroll-stopping images and story-based captions to use as is or as inspiration and monthly workshops to help you master the unique tactics that are working on social media today.