The Who Story is all about who you are. This business story has to do with uncovering your superpower and sharing it proudly.

It’s your superpower, after all, that makes you who you are. It’s also what makes you good at what you do.

So, What’s Your Superpower?

Your business superpower is your sweet spot. It’s your comfort zone, and it’s where you find yourself in the “zone.”

When you stand firm in your superpower, you become an inspiration to others, especially those that want to overcome the same challenges you did and want to get to where you are now.

The who story is all about trust.

Because let’s face it …

Most people don’t give their trust easily.

It’s hard to develop a bond with someone you don’t know and it’s even harder to develop when you think you’re being sold to.

Your ability to connect and influence others is directly related to what they believe about you.

This story helps you shape that narrative and their relationship with you. It also helps to position you as their mentor or their guide in their story.

To be a mentor, you had to have developed something along the way. Something others want to have. And that’s why your superpower matters.

It showcases your strength – the strength your ideal customer will rely on to motivate them through their challenges.

And as you’re working through the exercises, ask yourself:

  • Do my and my ideal customer’s superpowers complement each other?
  • How can I use my superpower to help my ideal customer discover their superpower?

Crafting Your Who Business Story

To start creating your who story, begin by answering some questions both from your perspective and your ideal customer’s. Try to uncover the things you love about your life, the things that make you feel like you can conquer the world and the things in your business that make you smile.

This exercise is about figuring out what makes you feel like you are doing the work you are were put on this earth to do. How does your business make you who you are?

Reflect on your answers:

  • What are some common themes that will allow you to connect with your ideal customers?
  • What makes you feel invincible and what will make your ideal customer feel invincible?

Knowing your superpower isn’t enough, though. You have to relate that superpower to your hero’s pain and tap into their superpower, so they know they can overcome the obstacle.

Your power comes from the characteristics you have developed because of what you do. How do these characteristics help your ideal customer?

Describe the struggle and how the struggle makes your ideal customer feel. First and foremost, empathize with them. Then share how you can help them and how they can help themselves.

The Who Story helps your ideal customers see you as the person – the only person – who can help them get out of their pain state.

Show your hero what their life will look like if they achieve their superpower and what their life will look like if they don’t.  

Try using the word “Imagine” as you describe what their life will look like. I think you’ll agree that it makes the vision for the future more powerful.

And finally, include a plan to help your ideal customer achieve success and call your hero to adventure.

Take your time and mull things over a bit. Don’t rush the creative process. Now that you have started to actively find brand stories and begin thinking in brand stories, the stories will come. Just give it time and keep crafting.