Think of it this … what makes you shop where you shop, eat where you eat and be entertained where you’re entertained? Chances are it’s their ability to define the value they bring to your world and they’re able to share their story in a way that resonates with you. Watch what your favorite companies do and take a page from their strategy. Differentiating your business will get you noticed and build a loyal customer base a lot faster than without something that makes you special.

Today we’re talking about ways to differentiate your business from your competition. Because when you differentiate your business, you make it memorable and credible.

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In this week’s Better Brand Stories in Five, I’m talking about 5 ways you can differentiate your business to help you stand out from the crowd.

I cover these five things:

  1. Narrow Your Target Market
  2. Create Attention-Getting Offers
  3. Focus on Experience Above All Else
  4. Make it Easy For Someone to Do Business with You
  5. Find That One Thing

To help you tell a better brand story, and find that one thing, I create a free download for you, How to Stand Out from The Crowd and Beat the Competition. Click the button below to grab your copy.

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And I invited my partner into the conversation …

In the live show (above), we talked about these additional ways (after I figure out we were live) to differentiate your small business:

  • A different way to use your product or service that is unique to your niche
  • Using different sales channels than that of the competition
  • Looking at your business model – how can you change it up – Think Lyft & Uber vs. A Cab Company
  • Look at how you deliver your product – Think bikes, Amazon and Drones, Robots ?

In today’s after show, I added even more ways to differentiate your business including:

  • A unique and customer-focused onboarding experience
  • Take a stand and highlight your values
  • Make a point of being known as an expert
  • Create a post-purchase process designed to turn customers into brand advocates

And finally, tell your stories! Nothing differentiates your business better than your stories. No one will have the same stories you do. So go out and tell them!

And don’t leave without grabbing your free resource: How to Stand Out from The Crowd and Beat the Competition.

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