The Power of a Brand Story:

It’s truly the way to capture attention
and grow your business. 

Together, we’ll transform how you talk about
your business to make doing business fun again.

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Are You Ready to Capture Attention & Grow Your Business?

In that case, I’m ready to walk you through the process to creating scroll-stopping, entertaining stories … step-by-step.

A comprehensive story-crafting workbook that leads you through crafting your foundation stories, story scenes and mapping them to the customer buying journey so you know exactly what story to tell and when to tell it.


As a two-time entrepreneur, an award-winning business storyteller and the former director of marketing for a business incubator, stories have played a major role in my professional life for the last 15 years.

I’ve spent the past four years documenting, testing, altering and refining a business story process to help small business owners take the fear, awkwardness, and pain out of talking about who they are, what they do and why they do it.

As a result, I created the Brand Story Canvas and opened Brand Story School to help entrepreneurs and business owners stop guessing what will work and instead, use proven methods that will get results – guaranteed.